Human Rights Law

Human Rights Law

The main aims and objectives of this course are:

  1. To develop an understanding of:
  • the concepts, sources and vocabulary of human rights;
  • the history, development and operation of international human rights standards, institutions and mechanisms;
  • the history, development and operation of the regional human rights arrangements (with special emphasis/focus on the African Human Rights System);
  • the history, development and operation of the national legal and institutional framework for the promotion and protection of human rights;
  1. To selectively explore some contemporary/topical human rights issues such as (list not exhaustive):
  • women’s rights
  • children’s rights
  • rights of persons with disabilities
  • gender-based violence
  • human rights and the environment
  • law enforcement and human rights
  • access to justice
  • rights of detained persons/prisoners
  • human rights and business
  • transitional justice
  1. To study recent developments and case law relevant to the advancement of international and national human rights standards.

 The course is intended to equip participants to confidently and competently raise human rights awareness in their community, or to approach community or Government advocacy, work or decision-making on a rights-conscious basis.

Entry Requirements

In order to get admission into this course, one must be a holder of a degree, diploma or certificate in any field of study.

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