The National Law Reference Library is Law Reference Library developed for Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) for public use.

Mission and Function of National Law Reference Library

The mission of the National Law Reference Library (NLRL) shall be to provide information resources and research services that shall assist the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education in becoming the premier centre in the world of legal scholarship and training in the region and beyond.

The core function of the NLRL shall be to provide services, facilities and collections sufficient in quality and quantity to permit the attainment of the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal education in its teaching and research objectives. Therefore, the NLRL’s core functions shall be to:

  1. support the scholarly and instructional work of the faculty and learner legal practitioners.
  2. acquire and preserve major primary, secondary, and comparative legal works of the Republic of Zambia, Commonwealth, and International organizations.
  3. acquire and preserve other significant research materials relevant to faculty interests and paid up members of the library which will attract scholars to the National Reference Library.
  4. coordinate with other institutional law libraries (local, regional and international) to the extent possible in order to share resources and provide library clientele with access to legal and other legal related resources.
  5. maintain international law library standards.