Criminal Investigations And The Law

This Course is primarily designed for legal and non-legal professionals with an interest in investigations and prosecutions. The aim is to train participants on the law relating to the treatment of suspects; the law relating to the interview of witnesses and suspects; the different types of evidence; the different weight that is attached to different types of evidence and selecting the right charge.

The Criminal Investigations and the Law Course educates participants about a variety of aspects of criminal investigations and criminalistics. It is designed to provide personnel working in both public and private institutions with an understanding of the nature of criminal evidence, the language of forensic science, the scope, probative value and limitations of a variety of investigative specialisations and their techniques; and appreciation of how forensic investigative methods are used and applied. The course will further equip participants with investigative skills in solving cybercrimes by learning how to identify, protect and gather evidence, retrieve data, prepare crime reports and present information in court. The duration of the course is ten (10) days.

Target Group

The course targets professionals who conduct investigations, collect evidence, write evidence and give evidence in legal hearings and prepare cases for hearings.

The subjects covered in the course are as indicated below

  •     Basic elements of Criminal Offence
  •       Inchoate offences
  •     Parties to a Crime
  •      Criminal Liability
  •      The Director of Public Prosecutions and Criminal Investigations
  •      The Attorney General and Criminal Investigations
  •      Dealing with suspects
  •      Management of crime scenes
  •       Evidence
  • Grounds on which evidence may be excluded
  • Selecting the correct charge
  • The Trial Courts and their Jurisdiction
  • Dereliction of duty
  • Suspect witnesses
  • Corroboration
  • Cybercrime investigation and electronic evidence
  • Human Rights Standards in Criminal Investigations

Entry Requirements

In order to get admission into this course, one must be a holder of a degree, diploma or certificate in a related field of study. However, they should be holders of at least a Grade 12 Certificate.

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