Certificate In Law Firm Management Course

The course participants will be taught about Law firm organisation design and development, leadership and decision-making, leadership styles, organizational culture, effective team leadership, conflict resolution, change management and effective strategic planning among others. This course will also cover basic accounting skills and professional conduct and ethics.

A law firm is a business, and like other businesses it needs to be well-managed to ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly and the firm makes a return on its investment. This requires a trained manager with knowledge of both business and law. Law firm operations can generally be divided into two main disciplines, the practice of law and the administration of the firm’s business. To run a firm successfully, leaders need to balance these two aspects. Lawyers are not managers and they are not trained in administration, yet in most firms, the managing partner still has to run the firm in a manner that ensures efficient operations and productivity among the staff. Therefore, the law firm management course will teach the managing partner to handle business and human resources effectively as they do legal practice. The duration of the course is for five (5) days.

The subjects covered in the course are as indicated below

  • Leadership and decision-making
  • Leadership styles, organizational culture
  •        Effective team leadership
  •   Conflict resolution
  • Change management and effective strategic planning.

Thereafter, the participants are expected to make the transition from lawyers to effective leaders.

Benefits of Law Firm Management

Law firm management not only benefit the participants, but they also result in tangible benefits to the organization they represent. They support the growth of the firm by enhancing morale among the staff and retaining top talent, including associates and partners, encouraging them to meet the firm’s goals. The participants in a law firm management course will also able to pass on their knowledge and skills to other firm members, primarily teaching through example, which may in turn inculcate appreciation for further management training.

Target Group

Law Firm Administrator, Litigation Support Professional, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Legal Secretary, Legal Receptionist, Law Clerk, Court Runner etc.

Entry Requirements

In order to get admission into this course, one must be a holder of a degree, diploma or certificate in a related field of study. However, they should be holders of at least a Grade 12 Certificate.

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