Practical Advanced Human Rights And The Law Course

The course is intended to equip participants with knowledge and skills to confidently and competently raise human rights awareness in their community, or to approach community or Government advocacy, work or decision-making on a rights-conscious basis.

The course equips participants with knowledge of human rights principles relevant to law enforcement.  It also enables the participants to appreciate the role of the Judiciary, lawyers and prosecutors.  Knowledge and skills obtained through this course minimises incidences of human rights abuses and creates a culture of respect for human beings in organisations and the society at large. It is hoped that at the end of the course, one will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic theory of human rights principles relevant to law enforcement and have a better appreciation of the role of the Judiciary, Lawyers and Prosecutors in the promotion and protection of human rights. It is also hoped that this will minimise the incidences of human rights abuses and create a culture of respect for human beings in different organisations. The duration of the course is ten (10) days.

Target Group

The course is of particular interest to members of the public such as law enforcement officers or any other such persons in the following disciplines such as Law, Medicine, Economics, Education, journalism, judiciary, police service, employers, human rights activists, human resource persons, the general public and non – governmental organisations.

The subjects covered in the course are as indicated below

  • Basic Concept of Human Rights
  • United Nations and Human Rights
  • African Human Rights System
  • National Human Rights Arrangements
  • Contemporary/Topical Issues

Entry Requirements

In order to get admission into this course, one must be a holder of a degree, diploma or certificate in any field of study. However, they should be holders of at least a Grade 12 Certificate.


During the Practical Advanced Prosecutors Course, attendance at lecturers and participant exercises is compulsory for all course participants. It is the basis upon which performance will be assessed and is the key to successful completion of the programme.

Classes are usually conducted from morning to afternoon. Changes in the timetable are usually communicated to the participants in advance.

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