Certificate In Elections, Public Order And The Law

This course examines the laws that govern the Election processes and Public Order Law in Zambia. Participants will learn about Electoral systems; Roles and powers of the executive; Role of Parliament; Local governments; Participation, transparency, and accountability.

The course will impart basic legal knowledge that one must navigate with in the election process and an understanding of the issues that have arisen at various stages of the election administration process and that have been presented to Zambian courts across the country.

The duration of the course is for five (5) days.

The subjects covered in the course are as indicated below

  •      Legal Framework and International and Regional Commitments
  •                 The Electoral Commission of Zambia Act, powers and functions
  •     Eligibility Requirements for Voting and Voter Registration
  •                  Candidate Eligibility and Nomination
  •                  Boundary Delimitation; Complaints
  •                 Appeals and Election Petitions
  •  National Referendum
  •                  Inclusive Participation and Representation
  •                  Election Campaign; Campaign Issues
  •              Key Procedures for Opening and Voting
  •              Assessment of the Opening of the Polls and Voting
  •              Key Procedures for Closing and Counting
  •              Assessment of Closing and Counting
  •              Key Procedures for Results Tabulation
  •              Constituency Totalling Centre and National Results Centre
  •              Assessment of the Results Tabulation-Constituency Totalling Centre          and National Results Centre and Announcing Election Results Presidential Results;

Target Audience

Organizations and Individuals involved in election processes and maintenance of public order in civil society organizations, government and private organizations. The course is also open to individuals wanting to increase their understanding on legal matters boarding elections, Public Order and the Law.

Entry Requirements

In order to get admission into this course, one must be a holder of a degree, diploma or certificate in a related field of study. However, they should be holders of at least a Grade 12 Certificate.

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